Supertech Computers
235 Dixon Road| Toronto, ON M9P 2M5 | 416.249.7171

About Supertech Computers

Since the 1990's, Supertech Computers & Cell Phone Center Inc. has been providing computer repair, networking and service solutions in the Etobicoke area. We focus on providing complete service solutions to individuals and small businesses in order to maintain productivity and maximum efficiency.

Customers never have to face salespeople motivated to sell based on commission and our primary goal is not to make the first sale, but the referrals made by satisfied customers.

Supertech sets new standards in solutions provision through our business model of "Pay by the job - Not by the hour". Using this approach we are able to cover all aspects of systems repair that are needed without being confined to the restrictions of hourly billing, setting Supertech apart from all its competitors.

Supertech Computers & Cell Phone Center Inc. provides repairs to all types of cell phones. We are a Chatr authorized dealer.